how to live a romantic life and make the world more romantic

This post is for those who want to live a romantic life and to make the world more romantic.

Do you feel pressure under fast-paced life?

If the answer is yes, please reader this post and start be romantic!

Firstly, you need to follow your heart, do what you want to do, keep yourself away from what you have to do. I know life is full of things you have to do. But now, it’s time to change it! Stop being pushed by the fast-paced life and start to chase the life you want.

Stop wasting your time at choosing what to wear, buy yourself new cloth!

Stop having the same set meal every day, go to the lovely restaurant and reward yourself after one day hard work.

Stop staying at home and watching TV, go to the theater and watch the hot movie that is screening.

Stop doing the boring things and make your life different. Get rid of all the doleful elements and become more romantic every day.

Start now! Change your lifestyle, make it more romantic!



6 thoughts on “how to live a romantic life and make the world more romantic

  1. Totally agree! With the development of technology, I feel the tempo of our life is getting faster and I I have not even had a chance to stop and think quitely. I feel stressed most of the time due to many factors like study, internship etc. When I get upset, a good way to release my pressure is to get myself a little lovely present, such as perfume, even a lipstick will do. Or I will go eat dessert with my friend and let myself take some time doing nothing. Romance not only relates to relationship, it is a sense that everyone can supply for themselves.


  2. This is a great blog to encourage people to stray from their usual, mundane activities which attract the same old results. It especially encourages people to get out and start living their lives, instead of staying indoors and reading celebrity gossip which does nothing for their own well-being.


  3. Yes, we have to do something romantic. Without the attachment of romantic love, we would live in an entirely different society that more closely resembled some (but not all) of those social circles in the animal world.


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