Enrich your life as you are creating artworks

As we know, artists create artworks with full of passions and love. They follow the heart and devote all their love and energy into the work, use their imagination and creativity to create. Then their passion and love will become amazing and wonderful artworks.

So, how about we enrich our life like artists creating artworks? What will that come up with?

Enrich your life as you are creating artworks. Just think that you are creating an amazing artwork, and this artwork is your daily life, you devote all your passion, energy and love to make it become fantastic. And then your invariable boring every day life will start to have difference.

People already get used to their invariable lifestyle, and don’t feel any wrong about it, the passion of life is missing. People are busying at accepting how life is, but never think to change the way of how life is performance.

If we live our life with full of passion and love, will our life become amazing and wonderful? The answer is Yes.

Let’s change our attitude of living our life, get rid of all the invariable stuff, find back the passion of life and make it more abundant. Let’s make our depressing life more romantic, stop staying the way it is and start to change it. Remember always do something to lighten your life. Something small can also make your life more romantic.

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2 thoughts on “Enrich your life as you are creating artworks

  1. Such a good tip to create your own artwork. I always remember doing calligraphy with my dad when I was young and he would tell me stories behind the characters. I also enjoy DIY crafts like cross-stitch or bracelet with my friends, which can be a good way to relax and communicate with each other. Playing music instrument alone could also make me calm down. Creating artwork could be an effective approach to live a romanic life, not to mention it is totally healthy and may help us develop good habits. Though like me, everybody could be stressful sometime, we should spend sometime focusing on an simple artwork and get a good rest.


  2. Very nice and romantic idea. More and more people now get their life very fast paced. They seem only care about work and money and how rich their future can be. However, not only the future is important, we should know how to enjoy living in the moment. There are something we cannot do anymore when we are old. We need to create lots of romantic memories while young so that when we are old, cannot move, when can lie down the bed and flash back those romantic memories like watching a movie of yourself. How romantic it is to make a life like an artwork!


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