Record and create romantic things

Firstly, record romantic things that happened within your life.

And then, create romantic things into your life.

That’s two basic ways to make your life more romantic!

Always pay attention to lovely small things that happen in your daily life and make you feel happy and romantic, and then you record those lovely and romantic moments will also make you feel happy. You can chose to write a dairy to record those moments or post on the social networks to share with your friends. This is a way to slow down your fast-paced life as well. So start to record romantic things happened in your life and share them.

If you are able to find happiness in little things will make your life more romantic and easier.  Not only big surprise can be called romantic behaviors. Some ordinary but warm behaviors are romantic.

After you record the romantic things happened, you will know how to make yourself feel happy, and then you can create romantic things to make your life more romantic. Some little sparkling can change your life a lot. So don’t think about doing extraordinary things, start with something little and easy, but still can make you feel happy and romantic.


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