How to brighten your day in a simple way? Fifteen ways to brighten your day!

  1. Take a more scenic route home and stop to enjoy it.
  2. Buy a bottle of hand lotion that smells nice and will keep your poor skin from getting all cracked and dry.
  3. Put your favorite perfume on that make you smell beautiful all day.
  4. Pick up some flowers on the way home to put in a vase.
  5. Send someone else flowers unexpectedly and know that their day is automatically going to become the best day ever.
  6. Make yourself a new recipe, even if it takes you upwards of an hour.
  7. Light a bunch of candles.
  8. Wear your favorite dress to work
  9. Get dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  10. Take a long bath with a glass of wine.
  11. Send a postcard unexpectedly to someone.
  12. Leave work half an hour early to go do something you’ve really been meaning to do all week.
  13. Watch the sunset at the beach after work.
  14. Buy yourself an inexpensive little trinket, that don’t cut into your budget but make you feel special.
  15. Buy a thing that you want it for a long time even it’s a bit expensive.

Fifteen ways to brighten your day, hope one of them is suitable for you!